Effective and Elegant Way to Utilize Space Under the Staircase

Effective and Elegant Way to Utilize Space Under the Staircase

Pull-out storage trolley cabinets, wall-mounted folding study table and cabinet

Effective and elegant utilisation of space: an elaborate storage zone and study area under the staircase in this beautiful Bangalore home.

Our customer family wanted their staircase zone to be converted into an unobtrusive storage and study area that would not be an eyesore. This was a bit tricky, as the stairs are cantilvered with a glass railing system.

The family needed large yet concealed cabinets for storing large pantry items, school and office gear as well as smaller things like shoes, toys, etc. The design was to allow easy accessibility along with smooth operation, so that the kids in the family could handle it easily as well.

After some thought and exchange with our customer, we decided on pull-out cabinets on wheels. We designed and crafted:
- a large storage trolley for pantry items like sacks of grains, flour, etc.
- a medium storage trolley for school bags, office gear, helmets, etc.
- a small trolley for shoes, toys and other knick-knacks

Storage zone under the staircase with 3 pull-out trolley cabinets of varying heights, sizes and shelves

A large collapsible table with a white marker board on the top was customized for the study corner. A large double-door box was crafted to conceal the gadgets.

Study corner: collapsible table with white marker board and double-door cabinet on top

About the material:

There's a beautifully organic, light and airy vibe in this lovely home -- and we did not want to disrupt the overall design flow. And so, we chose to use Baltic birch plywood along with beautiful bamboo weave mats sourced from DaisyLife.

For the hardware we used the best available silent wheels (which would be easy for the kids to operate and would not disturb the people living down stairs)

The handles are from a collection that we recently spotted - simple, glossy, brass gold handles that impart a certain modishness to the otherwise austere design. The overall look is a modern, minimalistic and functional zone -- quite in the vein of the simple elegance of the Japandi style.

Watch how smoothly it all functions! 

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