Our Story - Meet the People Behind Brand CustHum

CustHum co-founders
In this day and age of a dime a dozen furniture, CustHum celebrates individuality and uniqueness of design and concept.

Every home has a distinct character, and every piece of furniture in a home reflects the exclusive taste of the home owner - be it rustic or contemporary, whether focused on design or utility or both. And we at CustHum understand the importance of furnishing one's home according to one's own ideas and creativity. Our team of experts and craftsmen helps you along the way to turn your design ideas into magnificent pieces of furniture.

We're here to streamline the custom furniture making process and bridge the gap between craftsmen, designers and customers. The idea is to make the process of getting customized furniture much more professional and reliable -- and also enjoyable! 

Our furniture is designed and crafted in-house, at our own factories in Bengaluru -- so you know exactly where your dream furniture is coming from!

CustHum is the brainchild of three passionate and creative entrepreneurs, Denzil J D'Souza, C M Kumar and Bhumika Chawla-D'Souza, who acknowledge and deeply respect the spirit of collaboration with customers when creating new and exciting designs for their homes.

 CustHum Co-founders Denzil DSouza and CM Kumar

Denzil and Kumar are ex IBM-ers. They're the brains and primary impetus of the business.

Creative at heart and always bursting with ideas and possibilities, Denzil has been in the home decor business for over seven years and has hands-on experience in conceptualizing, designing and producing some of the finest custom, DIY and eco-friendly furniture.

After his successful exit from his first start-up, Denzil wanted to something more harmonious, clean and customer-friendly, and CustHum is how he sees our vision coming to fruit.

Denzil, when he is not thinking up a crazy design, loves to be with his family, play with his umpteen street rescue dogs and potter about in the garden. He is an avid bird-watcher and can identify a very good number of species. He's an expert on ants as well!

 A keen listener and thoughtful critic, loves elegant and simple design, with an eye for detail: that is Kumar. He has been in the customer service industry for several years, creating flawless customer experiences for super executives. He now works closely with our customers to make sure the customer experience and the project vision coincide.

Kumar shares the vision of a clean, honest business, and together with Denzil conceptualized and fine-tuned the concept behind CustHum.

An enthusiastic traveller, avid foodie and perpetual seeker of inspiration, when Kumar is not thinking about better ways to improve customer engagement, you can find him reading and writing - forever learning!

CustHum co-founder Bhumika DSouza 

Bhumika is by training a foreign language professional. In addition to managing CustHum’s social media and online presence, she also undertakes freelance translation projects from German into English/Hindi. She’s somewhere a child at heart and loves cartoons and animation.

Our team comprises designers who are products of the renowned Bangalore School of Design; a bunch of enthusiastic young minds form the accounts and managerial staff.

Last but never least, we have a wonderful team of highly skilled and creative carpenters (vishwakarmas) and finishing professionals, with more than 25 years of experience. These guys form the very backbone of our business!

CustHum Logo (standard) 

The name "CustHum" pretty much sums up our core philosophy: a lasting relationship between customers and 'hum' (which means 'us' in Hindi). Customer bataaye, Hum banaayen, that's our motto!

Our company logo is simple and organic, featuring the letter 'C' with 3 leaves -- to represent the three co-founders. The brand colours are neutral, calm and earthy: a nod to our sustainably sourced wood and our primarily rustic, cottage-style aesthetic. The distinctive change of colour in 'C' and 'H' highlights our brand name 'CustHum', a portmanteau of Customer + Hum (we/us), and signifies our highly collaborative customisation process.

And thankfully, in whatever we've done so far, we've been able to create some absolutely wonderful customer relations -- where the line between customers and friends sort of fades a little.