The Raghuvani Home - 3BHK Luxury Villa Interiors

The Raghuvani Home - 3BHK Luxury Villa Interiors


Sunshine pours in through every corner of this magnificent 3BHK villa and bathes it in divine eloquence -- hence the project name The Raghuvani Home!

This home harmoniously combines the richness of traditional Indian craftsmanship with the sophisticated elegance of contemporary design. The eclectic mix extends to European farmhouse-inspired furniture, adding a touch of classic charm to the narrative.

Tall wooden ladder shelf
Our CustHum-ers were keen on making this space a reflection of their preference for simple, thoughtful, and sustainable elements. We achieved this through designs that efficiently combine form and function, through handcrafted CustHum-made furniture manufactured using thoughtfully sourced materials, and through a wonderful collaboration with our soft furnishings partner The Yellow Dwelling--one of India's most popular contemporary and natural furnishings brands.
Close-up of two small cushions on an orange sofa

 It transcends opulence and invites a deeper connection to whatever elements one chooses to install in a home, thus creating a lasting impact that goes beyond material indulgence.

Located in Devanahalli--which is still essentially the outskirts of Bangalore--this home enjoys the ultimate blessing of life outside the city. Entering the beautifully constructed layout, one is acutely aware of the perfect peace and quiet quite unheard of in the city (pun intended!).

It is this tranquil quality of the outdoors that we strived to bring inside this lovely home as well. Whether it's the handcrafted wooden furniture featuring intricate carved details, the customized cabinetry with unique functional features, or the elegant contemporary soft furnishings--every element here displays tasteful opulence that isn't loud. A serene melody that one can listen to over and over...



Living room with orange Stanleys sofa, CustHum TV stand, traditional coffee table, open-style shelf, solid wood rafters on ceiling


Step into this space and you'll hear the first notes of this melody that is The Raghuvani Home.

This eclectic living resonates with the warm, deep tones of handcrafted CustHum-made solid wood furniture and the clear, sophisticated rhythm of an ultra-modern Stanleys sofa.

This room was designed to be a cozy, intimate space for friends and guests of the family. A space of luxury reflected only through exquisite yet mindfully crafted and selected elements -- never coming on too strong. The same idea extended to the soft furnishings as well, which are the accents in this melodious performance. Whereas the solid pine wood rafters on the ceiling and wall leading into the dining area form the perfect cadence to this beautiful musical composition.



 Bedroom with solid wood bed, bench near footboard, 3 paintings of foliage with wooden frame

Sylvan notes greet you in this enchanting guest bedroom, where the allure of nature finds its way indoors. Nestled in a verdant haven, this space breathes life into the concept of a forest retreat within the comforts of your home.

At the heart of this sanctuary stands our handcrafted solid wood bed – a masterpiece that not only exudes warmth but also embraces the essence of the forest with its organic allure. The turned legs on the bedside tables mirror the beauty of nature's branches, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the room.

Headboard of solid wood bed, 3 paintings on the wall 

A focal point of relaxation awaits in the form of a winged chair, draped in rich forest green upholstery. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the tranquility of a woodland hideaway. Picture yourself curled up with a good book, the subtle rustling of leaves a distant lullaby. 

Wingback chair in green upholstery

For practicality and style, a wall-mounted folding work desk seamlessly marries form and function. It’s a space-saving addition that doesn't compromise on the visual narrative, echoing the efficiency of nature's design.

Wall-mounted foldable study desk with chair

The room dances with the theme of greenery, embodied by the printed curtains that gently sway like leaves in the breeze. Every element in this room, meticulously chosen and crafted, converges to create a symphony of nature's wonders within the walls of your home. Welcome to a guest bedroom that isn't just a room – it's an immersive journey into the heart of the forest. 



Creating optimal spaces under staircases is one of CustHum’s specialties. For this home we used rattan and wood facia to create an interesting storage that is not unsightly and matches the overall aesthetic of the space. The pièce de résistance is a mobile bar unit stashed away inside one of the storage nooks. This unit on wheels can be pulled out and positioned as a freestanding bar unit, and stowed away under the stairs when the party is over.

Watch how this works here:

The mandir was a labor of love. While the brief was to not make a huge ostentatious mandir, it still had to be special unit. Solid wood, birch ply and detailed CNC work come together to give this unit a truly divine look. White nano stone, recessed lighting and doors that fold all the way without expensive hardware are in line with the overall theme of mindful luxury. The mandir is not just beautiful, it is a functional unit – right from an extendable tray to place puja accessories, to storage drawers, to a small platform tucked away underneath for sitting.

Watch how it works here:



The original kitchen design provided by the builder didn’t quite strike the right notes: it was drab, dark and lacked character. The fine-tuning of this space was brought about by demolishing an intermediate wall as well as creating an opening in the utility wall to form a window looking into the back garden. The result was a beautiful song and dance of space and light.

In addition to standard quality with BWP ply cabinetry and Russian Birch ply shutters, this kitchen design features highly functional elements: pull-out corner storage with perfect space utilization; a tall, spacious pantry unit; pull-out dustbin units; broom closets; et al. The kitchen slab is a unique brown Daylight pouring in through the utility window brings the backsplash/dado glass tiles from MyTyles to life, while artistic and utilitarian artificial lighting turns the kitchen into a sonorous medley in the evenings.

Collage of a kitchen from various angles



A slow andante into the dining area reveals a space where each piece contributes to both function and visual appeal. At the center is a 6-seater dining table with 4 chairs and a bench, featuring a tabletop with embedded tiles.

 Dining room with 6-seater wooden dining set, sideboard and Mandala art work on walls

Behind this central setting, a long, fixed sideboard with a sleek white nano stone top offers both a pleasing aesthetic and practical storage for dining essentials. Above this setup are three magnificent panels with Mandala paintings, adding artistic accents to the space – along with a very special functional feature. Concealed behind the artistry are MCB distribution boards.

Watch our YouTube Shorts to see how it works:


The dining area seamlessly extends to a petite patio – a more personal space for some ‘me’ or ‘just the two of us’ time. 



As we move up the high notes of this lovely home, we find ourselves in a warm, cozy zone akin to a musical interlude. The stair landing area was the perfect space to create a library and reading retreat for this family, which not only includes avid readers but also published authors. Wall-to-wall open bookshelves, a comfy window seat with drawers for extra storage, and a beautifully handcrafted work desk-and-chair set -- this space was designed to be a reading retreat, a bibliophile's haven, a quiet nook for working amidst melodious twitters from the garden.

Home library with floor-to-ceiling open bookshelves surrounding a window seat

It's a concert of comfort, calm, and coziness achieved not only through the woodwork but also the carefully selected soft furnishings. And as the dusky tones of the evening begin to play, the space comes alive with a concert of strategically installed strip lighting and chic pendant lights.



 4-poster bed with carved headboard and footboard against green wall with white wainscotting

If wood could sing, this master bedroom would reverberate with the chorus of traditional Indian and modern contemporary elements that make up its entire composition. 

At the center stage is a grand Sheesham 4-poster bed with exquisite carving on the headboard and footboard as well as beautifully turned bedposts and legs, resting against a gentle green wainscoted wall, and flanked on both sides with beautifully handcrafted solid wood side tables. 

Collage: front view of wooden 4-poster bed, closeup top view of wooden bedside table

A massive ornate desk and solid wood rafters give the room a charming colonial vibe. This is contrasted by a large, sleek chest of drawers and contemporary open walk-in closet, which together ensure ample and appropriately designated storage space for the couple.

A unique solo in this orchestration is a full-length swing-out mirror at the entrance of the walk-in closet. This was specially created for the lady of the home, who is an ardent practitioner and teacher of Yoga, and conducts online classes.

Collage: chest of drawers (left) and ornate wooden work desk and chair set (front), large mirror with wooden frame

The room is meditative chant of peace and tranquility, resonating through its soulful furnishings and décor.



We saved our favorite piece for the finale of this home tour! This is Atharva’s room – one of the first to be “claimed” by its rightful owner.

Fueled by this remarkable child's deep love for outer space (he knows his quarks, nebulas, latest rockets, space programs, and all!), our challenge was to create a cosmic haven without veering into a cartoon-y or overtly colorful look. Clear inputs from the parents and the kid himself helped us design a composition in blue pastels combined with natural pine and birch.

We endeavored to bring a glimpse of the outer space into this room through the headboard wall, which simulates portal windows looking out at the Eagle Nebula – with actual high-definition photos from the James Webb telescope! The portal windows themselves are nothing less than works of art - fashioned with ply and wood and with a silver coating of Duco paint. The images inside the portals can be updated with new prints as the Webb telescope discovers new facets of space.

To fuel his passion for rockets, we commissioned a high-level blue print of the actual rocket used by SpaceX. We even used an AI tool for the first time to come up with interesting imagery with a boy exploring space and some space themed quotes, and had these images touched up by a digital artist.

As to the furniture, functionality meets imagination with a spacious storage unit surrounding a large window seat to encourage exploration and fun with friends. Our signature trundle bed promises dream-filled sleepovers, while a sleek study table and chair are for more industrious pursuits. Whiteboards on walls serve as a canvas for doodles and creative outlets. The walk-in wardrobe with spacious external drawers invites easy access to clothes, etc.

And did you notice the nifty CustHum-made wooden handles on all the furniture in this room?! :-D

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