Store Your Footwear in Style - Shoe Rack Design That Looks Anything But

Store Your Footwear in Style - Shoe Rack Design That Looks Anything But

CustHum Tall Yellow Shoe Cabinet

They say good shoes take you good places -- and this lovely customer-friend couple of ours has a wonderful shoe collection that has taken them marvellous places across the globe!

Ardent travellers and globetrotters, Rohit and Preseedha wanted an elegant and practical option to keep their cherished shoe collection in their new home. Instead of the usual entryway space, we figured that their charming little green balcony would be the perfect spot for the purpose.

Yes, indeed -- this bright yellow beauty is a CustHum-made shoe cabinet! The tall, overall simple design with a hint of traditional ornate motif ensured that it didn't look like a typical shoe cabinet.

Since the unit was to be kept outdoors, it was designed keeping in mind the weather elements. A combination of BWP plywood, Baltic Birch plywood and Canadian spruce was used, along with premium-quality exterior grade PU coating.

The clearance from the floor was deliberately kept higher than normal for easy maintenance and aesthetics.

CustHum Tall Yellow Shoe Cabinet (closed view)CustHum Tall Yellow Shoe Cabinet (open view)

A key feature of this unique shoe cabinet are hidden aluminum grills on the side which allow cross-circulation of air -- an absolute must when it comes to proper shoe storage. Each shelf panel is ergonomically tapered forward to facilitate visibility and access.

CustHum Tall Yellow Shoe Cabinet (ventilation mesh view)

IndianShelf is our go-to place for exquisite collections of knobs and handles. These pretty red knobs on the shoe cabinet complement the wonderfully radiant Summer Yellow hue from Asian Paints specially chosen by our customers.

Watch this beautiful balcony turn into a sunny, vibrant and super happy place -- especially for a cherished footwear collection!

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