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Customer Diaries

Thank youOne of the perks of being in a customer-centric business like ours is meeting absolutely wonderful people. We've found fun, hope, courage and inspiration in our customers, they come at the right time when business is tough or self doubt creeps in. Every now and then a customer shares an interesting anecdote or their own story with us and this zaps us into a pensive mood and help us start things with renewed vigour. Our customers have come in various forms - from simple, loving families who showcase the bond and togetherness that is so required in this modern world, to bustling entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and co-incidentally share our ethos in making/or making available absolutely wonderful stuff for their clients. We are truly blessed and thank the universe in helping us cross lives with these fantastic humans. 
It makes our resolve to create, service and place our beautiful top notch furniture at homes and businesses all the more stronger. More power to good people on this beautiful planet!
In this blog, we will feature some of our most amazing customers in this section of our blog, talk about their lives, their businesses, their work, their passion and (not to miss) their wonderful taste in decor.

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