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The Shenoy Family - 2BHK Apartment, Prestige Falcon City

CustHum customized diwan - Prestige Falcon City


The year 2019 had ended on a wonderful note! Our last custom interiors project of the year was a twin set of single cots with removable storage (our unique under-cot storage BoxOnWheels), wall-mounted shelves and bedside tables (our beautiful Lotus) – all custom made using our sustainably sourced solid pinewood and installed in the children's bedroom of our dear customers, the Shenoy family at Prestige Falcon City.

CustHum-custom made furniture-bedside table-cot-shelf

This endearing couple loves simple, aesthetic décor – traditional yet chic, pretty but not ostentatious.

Although the Covid19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown in India threw a spanner in the works, we resumed factory operations in compliance with statutory guidelines after the government restrictions were eased. And, after a forced hiatus of almost exactly two months, we recently completed the installation of the remaining furniture items for the family.

They wanted a sideboard that would accentuate the look of their living room. They had with them some gorgeous tiles sourced from Jodhpur, which our craftsmen masterfully inlaid in the cabinet. The same tiled theme is 'reflected' in the large statement mirror piece in the hall (wordplay intended 😉).

CustHum-custom made solid wood sideboard with inlaid tiles  CustHum-handcrafted mirror with solid wood frame inlaid tiles 

Like a lot of people that we meet these days, the Shenoys didn't want a TV in their living room: they wanted the living room to be a place for the family to be together, play games, talk and unwind. A customized diwan was required. Their living room otherwise had normal seating: a couple of lazy boys and a couch. This low-height diwan added to the simple, elegant and cozy décor.

We also handcrafted a gorgeous bathroom cabinet, dressing table and stool, and a minimalist kitchen shelf.

CustHum-handcrafted customized solid wood bathroom cabinet

Oftentimes, we know a product looks beautiful as we’re working on it in the factory, but it takes on a life of its own when finally installed in the customer’s home – and the feeling is incredible! This happened yet again with this custom interiors project – the final set-up looked pretty as a picture, and the Shenoys simply loved it!

Incidentally, The Shenoys, who hail from Maharashtra and Mangalore, have just started a small local business of their own, a distributorship of some superb quality flavored cashews. We had a taste of these when we went for the installation and they were just out of this world, especially the onion-flavored one was mind-blowing! If you'd like some, do reach out to Kamalaksha Shenoy at this number: +91-9987112729. #bevocalforlocal

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