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Rosa - Accent Table with Cabriole Legs and Rosewood Finish

Rosa - Accent Table with Cabriole Legs and Rosewood Finish

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Meet Rosa, our beautifully handcrafted accent table with simple cabriole legs to elevate your home decor. This elegant accent table comes in a magnificent rosewood finish to make everyone stop and stare! Another eye-catching feature of this beauty is the ornate dome-shaped brass cap where the legs meet in the center -- a touch of eclectic vintage charm if you will. Sophisticated and graceful, this accent table complements a variety of interior design styles, while its compact size makes it an ideal solution for smaller spaces, such as apartments or cozy reading nooks. The table's smooth surface is perfect for holding a cup of coffee, a good book, or a decorative small lamp. Expertly crafted using high-quality materials, this table is built to last and will be a timeless addition to your home decor.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (inches): L 18.5" x W 13" x H 20"

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Combination of Canadian SPF, Rubber Wood, Baltic Birch plywood, and high-quality fabric (where required)

Care Instructions

- Use only a damp cloth to clean the surface.

- Blot any spillage immediately with a cloth. Do not wipe!

- Always use coasters or table mats to place hot/cold/wet objects on the surfaces, else the polish would get affected.

- Do not drag the furniture on the floor as this would affect the joints and orientation of elements in the furniture.

- Lift the furniture while shifting its position; at the same time ensure that you are protected against injuries.

- Do not keep the furniture where it might be exposed to direct/prolonged sunlight coming in from windows or balconies as this might affect the color.

- Apply furniture wax every 6 months for a spic look at all times.

- Ensure that humidity is maintained indoors to minimize seasonal variations in the wood structure.

- All our furniture comes with smoothened and rounded edges (unless a design requires otherwise). This ensures safety for children, elders and pets to a great extent. However, we encourage you to train your children and pets on the nuances of furniture safety.

- If a tall unit (e.g., chest of drawers) is being delivered, ask for wall fixtures as this ensures topple-free safety for kids.

*Each unit of CustHum furniture that you order is handcrafted of the best quality solid wood and hand-finished by our finest craftsmen, ensuring that your piece is unique and special. Therefore, there may be some variation in color and finish from the photograph(s) shown here.

Select the color and finish above for this product to match your decor, or contact us for customization.

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  • Sustainably sourced

    Our SPF wood is sourced from vendors procuring these from plantations in Canada/Sweden that follow sustainable agro-forestry practices.

  • Designs celebrating form & function

    We believe good design is where form and function go hand in hand. Our furniture is, therefore, designed keeping in mind aesthetics as well as functionality.

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    We are known for our top-quality finishes. It is our utmost priority to make furniture that looks good and lasts long.